Screaming Eagle Energy’s motivated crews and new equipment are top notch. Whether it’s a hotshot run, a flow line installation or if need your entire tank battery plumbed; Screaming Eagle Energy’s Roustabouts are doing it all!




Screaming Eagles Energy's driven drivers and new equipment are the creme de la creme. We offer many services with our Trucking division, but our main transport services consist of tanker and side dump operations.




All of our Super Suckers have the ability to move any type of product that will fit through the hose; from dirt, rocks, and sand to the thickest invert mud, Screaming Eagle Energy will get it out of your way, off the ground or out of your tanks. Screaming Eagle Energy’s Hydro-Vac and crews are experts in the oil field and specialize in the cleaning of drilling rig mud tanks, pressure vessels, open tops on workover rigs, frac sites and potholing for any type of buried lines.